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3 Best TikTok View Bot (Easy and Free)

tiktok view bot

I believe that growing up on social media helps a lot in gaining fame, so you can show your talents and sell your stuff online. If you have no followers or likes, then if someone visits your social account, no one believes in your products. Use these 3 best Tiktok view bots. They are easy and free to use.

TikTok View Bot free

Over the past couple of years, Tiktok has gotten more popular across all social media platforms. It feels like posting a video on Tiktok makes your video viral in a few days. You just need to boost your account, then your videos will be on the explore page.

With the help of Tiktok view bots, we can promote your videos and put them on the Explore page. Tiktok like and share, as well as Tiktok view bot, have been extremely beneficial to us.

Just like on social media platforms, some people gain a lot  followers with botting services . The purchases on botting websites are like views and followers. We don’t recommend buying tiktok views from different websites because it will get your account banned.

If you are looking for tiktok bots like tiktok view bot or tiktok likr bot, check out the 3 best tiktok view bot below. Let’s dig into the article.


What are TikTok bots?

TikTok bots robotize various activities that you would ordinarily perform on TikTok. This can incorporate followed, unfollowing, preferring, booking transfers, seeing Tiktok’s, and that’s just the beginning.

They can be somewhat nasty depending on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to utilize them accurately and in a protected manner. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are cautious and focus on your ideal crowd well, they can be useful and assist with becoming your following. TokList spot net is by the best site I’ve found for both finding out about them, the ways of utilizing them, and looking at the changed programming sincerely.

I suggest you test one on a file you don’t care about if you have problems.

3 Best Tiktok View Bots

Before starting this guide, I want to tell you one thing: these websites help you gain a lot of followers on TikTok, but I will not recommend you do this because this method is not for life-time success. All of the bots you use are not good strategies for gaining followers, likes, etc. Maybe your account got banned for spamming the likes and followers.

If you want good organic views and good account status, you can use the Pocket Ticktok Bot developed by the Guide Champ team. The tool is free of charge.


Fireliker is a web-based application where you can easily buy ultimate tiktok views, likes, comments, and shares at extremely cheap prices. I tested this application many times and it is trusted and safe to use.

They use different types of bots like Tiktok view bot, Tiktok share bot, Tiktok like bot, Tiktok comment bot, etc. If you only want to order views, they just activate the view bots for you.

You can purchase 5k views for $3 on your desired video, as well as 1K tiktok followers for $8.99.


  • Provide cheap followes, likes and comments.
  • Cheap prices
  • Very good customer support.

Social Boosting

Socail Boosting is another very good service for players. They are very experienced people there, and they focus on quality of views. It will help you gain more organic views.

They automatically follow and unfollow, comment, and like. That helps to grow your account faster than others. The Tiktok algorithm does not catch the bot activities, and the social networking service acts in a human way.

They have monthly and yearly plans. I recommend you select only the monthly plan for your testing purposes. If you like the plan, then go for the yearly plan.


  • Claiming genuine followers
  • Human activities
  • reasonable price

Pockect Tiktok Bot

The Pockect Tiktok Bot is currently in beta testing, and we are also testing the tool in the production phase. The bot was developed by my team, and to be honest, if someone wants to download it for free and gain access to it, you can download the program here. It’s completely free, easy to use, and efficient in many ways.

The bot acts like a human, performing the task slowly, so no spamming. The bot needs only 2 things.

  • Proxies
  • Captcha solvers


Proxies help you to easily gain more views on TikiTok or any social media platform. Some proxies are just for one country or city, but some proxies are rotating, so every single hit will change the country and city. So it’s very highly used.

Check out this article for the best proxies if you want to know where to buy them.

Captcha Solvers

Many of you have heard about the human verification system by Google. It helps the website detect spam hits and protect the website’s data.

The solver helps you to solve the human verification system for you automatically. And you can complete any task with ease. help

Check out my article about the 2CAPTAHC service and my recommendations. In that article, I explain every single thing. Go check this out.


  • Simple to use
  • Free of cost.
  • Act like a human.


You now have all the information on how the Tiktok bot works and which bots are good for you. My job is to show you how to get into the world and earn more money. Now it’s your choice to pick the bot/service wisely.

Remember, bots are against any social media platform like tiktok, Instagram, etc. Use the bot/service at your own risk.

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